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Circuses And Ringmasters

This bungling buffoon. I’m so tired of hearing about him and his shenanigans — that’s exactly what they are! shenanigans! — and his sour, tripe agenda. So tired of the world moving to his bullshit song-and-dance routine, his sick reality-TV worldview with its simplistic, manipulative angle and his lying son-of-a-bitch persona.

In Cyprus we had to go through a similar process back in 2008 when the Republic’s voter majority elected a man of similar buffoon value. What a performance that was! Circus-style, all pomp and ceremony, undercurrently sinister, atrocious, dated beyond belief.

A different kind of beast with the same kind of effect, our dearly-elected ringmaster was a man of Soviet persuasion, educated in Soviet Russia back in the glory days of the zombie empire, indoctrinated in Iron Curtain beliefs, here to impose his asinine worldview on everyone with cult-like fervor. He worked his way up the Cyprus communist party all the way to the top, selling highfalutin horseshit to his ‘comrades,’ then to his ‘beloved Cyprus people,’ which eventually got him elected president.

From then on he exercised a post-Soviet hybrid capitalism of communist disposition, party-centered and commissar-driven, pea-brained to the last cell, all bluster and no substance, all dogma and no punch, taking care of his beloved people — meaning his party members and other affiliates — in the name of party ideology, salivating on the airwaves as he tried to sell his bullshit personal beliefs to the entire island on the backdrop of a dogma that had nothing to do with reality. We had to suffer this fool and his crap agenda for five fucking years, the torrent of shit coming out of his mouth, day in, day out, feeling the brunt of his poor and misguided choices, which inexorably led to the destruction of the island’s principal power station (how did that happen, you wonder? The answer is through a combination of incompetence and inflated self-worth, a self-involved baby idiot exercising his authority! To add insult to injury, the man was eventually found responsible for the accident by a special investigator whom he’d personally appointed, and whose verdict he then dismissed as invalid and politically motivated


not to mention the annihilation of the country’s bank sector.

Commonly known as The Crisis, the collapse of the Cyprus major banks was a financial disaster that could have been averted had the buffoon-in-chief listened to the experts and read the signs, putting a stop to the unchecked ELA (Emergency Liquidity Assistance) mechanism already in place, the abuse of which led to the gargantuan debt that triggered the collapse a month after his term ran out — measures which he’d refrained from taking while in office because he knew better, leading to the devastation of the Cyprus Popular Bank followed by the Bank Of Cyprus bail-in AKA the raiding of BOC client accounts in order to cover the margin calls and prevent the entire economy from collapsing.

We had to suffer this fool’s shit show for five grueling years, the effects of which we are feeling to this day because he was an well-connected idiot, as is this guy, the man whose circus act we are suffering today; this ass-douche of a businessman pretending to be a leader, playing president, plunging everyone deeper inside his cesspool version of the world.

A sorry example of a people’s man. A lying, thieving, bungling buffoon whose actions much be checked before they cause lasting and irreversible damage.

From your irreverently outspoken Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.