I-Land is where memories and experiences turn into short stories, personal journal entries and narration in first person, part memoir, part fiction, exploring topics such as the relation between humans and the societies they live in.

A Pat On The Back: Interlude


The trick is not disregarding the pain. The trick is knowing there can be no resolution without it.

Transformation. It’s revolutionary business. We engage in it constantly and without end, from our earliest days to the last, undergoing crisis after crisis on a number of platforms across life, both personal and familial, national and collective. We are a life form in flux, our civilization the platform on which we operate, our intellect the fuel that drives our restlessness. It’s this restlessness I’m interested in, this uncontainable urge to take what constrains us and tear it apart, destroy our cages and venture out to shape a new world for ourselves, and make history anew.

Such is the state of the human species, conflicted and tumultuous, and such are the stories I write, rooted in passionate conflict and the burning desire to survive, to prevail and make a song out of one’s achievements, a legacy for others to heed, admire, perhaps emulate down the line. The mark of a successful life, a meaningful existence. Vanity or staying power, a little of both and to each their own, these qualities express themselves in the struggle between intellect and passion, reason and desire, a state of mind so intensely political and revolutionary and unfailingly distorted, yet at the same time admirable in its capacity to adapt and reach further into the unknown, it rarely gets a moment’s peace. To be human is to be forever at war, if not with each other, then with oneself, battling against one’s boundaries and limitations, testing one’s endurance and surroundings at will and without end. Life as war, is war, was and will forever be war vicious and unrelenting, bellum aeternus, and to the victors go the spoils.

In that sense the victors own both the future and the past, everything that ever existed, they get to write history and everything that has come to pass, or which one day will, until some day another victor rises to seize the day and take over the pen. And the story goes on, as do life’s age-old battles, over and over again, in the shadow of our mirror’s tireless reflection watching us watching ourselves watching ourselves going through the motions over and over again. An interminable play of the greatest capacity on the grandest stage ever constructed. The universe as we know it. Life as perpetually churning life-crushing life-affirming war conducted by restless individuals at all times of the day and night, from the room next door to the house down the street to a friend’s warm keep to the other side of the planet.

A swift look around reveals all.

Watch this space for Part 5