Feeling agitated or adventurous? Enter Tornado Country to witness the fury of Spin Doctor as he analyses the ins and outs of the modern world, tears down old preconceptions, and glimpses into history with an eye on the future.

The Myths Of Maps

Maps. They are representations of the world, inaccurate representations. Distorted representations. Misleading conceptions of the planet’s geography that lead to all kinds of misunderstandings.

Maps are not the territory. They are reality, a part of it anyway, shaping the lives of both those who study them and live by them as well as those who’ve never set eyes on them yet live inside the areas they represent.

The map is not the territory. Know the territory as well as the map, the correct map, and you know yourself, your life and circumstances, everything that environs you, you get to discover it by taking a good look at it to appreciate it for what it is, then for what else it can be, and more. Start with the exact sizes and shapes of things, and take it from there.

It makes for a life more down to Earth, if nothing else.

From your fact-loving Spin Doctor, and in conjunction with Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, find a shiny pearl, and, above all,

Eyes open, mind sharp.