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The LocoMotive is a blogazine for authors, artists and creatives from around the world coming together to give a voice to the back of our minds,

a place where many fresh and different voices come together to speak their piece with enthusiasm, to each their own, offering their views on the world from varying perspectives, taking the readers on a journey that will satisfy their senses, their reason, their hearts and souls, their curiosities and imaginations, their unspoken thoughts, fears, hopes and fantasies.

There are eight stations, eight locations with eight different types of content.

Base Camp – the archive, containing older material from previous online sites and publications.

Pearl Coast – a station that features short essays or reflections accompanied by a link to a news article.

I-Land – a memoir-style segment where the writing is told from a first-person point of view.

EON’s FeroCity – a station dedicated to EON, son of Time, and his siblings.

Poet’s Gorge – the poetry section.

Tornado Country – a station that focuses on the human condition in terms of politics, economics, religion, culture, social issues and psychology.

Playbooth – our playlist station, where we share notable movies, music, documentaries, interviews, books etc.

The Observatory – a station open to all kinds of observations and content related to a diverse range of topics.

If you’re tired of the same old articles and the same old talking points and recycled points of view — if you want to experience something fresh and challenging — step right up . . .

The LocoMotive is going places!